Chef Jyrki Sukula's soup served and residents' communal work gathering tips shared at SATO events

9 May 2017

SATO Corporation, Press Release, 9th May 2017 at 8:47 am

SATO's four-wheel spring kitchen toured SATO areas in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area with TV Chef Jyrki Sukula on Saturday. SATO service managers and Chef Sukula brought neighbours together for a laid-back meetup with spring soup and ice cream.

The #SATOjamakuja event brought neighbours together around pots of soup in four areas with SATO buildings in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Catering for the event was provided by TV Chef Jyrki Sukula, who had made a spring vegetable soup for the residents. Also served were his signature ice creams.

The idea for the day's catering came from the #SATOjamakuja competition organised in the winter where SATO residents shared their best recipes for food for communal work gatherings. In the genuine spirit of communal work, the day's catering was also produced as a communal effort: Chef Sukula was assisted in the cooking process by active SATO residents.

- The most important thing about communal work gatherings is doing things together and the great feeling you get as a reward for you joint effort. If your personal schedule prevents you from taking part, you can also contribute by, for example, baking something to be served at the gathering, SATO event Chef Jyrki Sukula points out.

SATO residents enjoying steaming bowls of soup in Vuosaari, Pasila, Martinlaakso and Laajalahti did not only get to meet each other but also their home building's contact persons, i.e. SATO's new service managers and other SATO staff.

- In some SATO buildings residents are already doing a lot together: neighbours have spring and autumn cleanup events, clubrooms are used a lot, and there are also communal garden and other parties organised by residents. We fully encourage communal activities and active neighbourliness among our residents, says SATO CRM Manager Taina Hakamäki.

Chef Jyrki Sukula's TOP 3 tips for successful catering for communal work gatherings:

  1. Soups, bakes and casseroles as well as filling salads are excellent dishes for larger crowds. Make sure you also serve plenty of bread and hard cheese.

  2. Also make the food as a communal effort: chopping and prepping is quick when you have a larger group doing it. One or two people can then take care of the final preparation while the others are raking or doing other work outdoors.

  3. Avoid generating any unnecessary waste! When everyone brings their own plate and spoon or fork, there will be no waste from disposable plates or cutlery. Food also tastes nicer when using a real porcelain plate.

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