Customer-first business model brings dozens of new jobs to SATO

9 December 2016

SATO Corporation, Press Release, 9th December 2016 at 11:55 am


Quick leaps are being taken in the practical deployment of SATO's new strategy adopted in response to the accelerating rate of urbanisation and changes taking place in housing. The company is changing its entire customer service model at the beginning of 2017 and taking closer control of customer encounters. These changes will involve SATO recruiting more than 30 new people into customer service roles facilitating housing.

- Our aim is to get closer to our customers, understand them better and utilise this understanding to provide them with a more diverse and higher-quality service, says President and CEO Saku Sipola.

SATO's new strategy emphasises the customer experience regarding the company's way of providing services in housing. This customer-driven strategy stems from the megatrends transforming cities, people's values and behaviour.

- As cities and people are changing housing will also need to change. Our sector will now have to do something entirely different and offer a lot broader housing experience that just walls. We don't just want to be experts in housing investment but experts in housing.

The new service model entails two major changes. Firstly, the customer service centre will be renewed to bring customer communications more strongly into SATO's own hands. Although partners will still be used for a variety of tasks, SATO's own customer service staff will take care of keeping customers up to date.

Secondly, the customer-first organisation will result in the introduction of new customer service roles into which functions such building management services previously outsourced to external providers will be incorporated.

- We're going to recruit service managers and directors who are genuinely excited about customer service and include the traditional building manager duties in their job descriptions. We will ensure the entire organisation remains responsible for customer happiness and wellbeing and at the same time we'll encourage all SATO employees to work even more closely as teams.

All in all this new service concept will result in SATO hiring more than 30 new customer service employees.

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