Doors to SATO StudioHome open in Käpylä, Helsinki

10 June 2015

Quality and design emphasised in new inexpensive housing concept

SATO has developed a new-generation housing solution in which an excellent customer experience and comfort are combined with low housing costs.

Designed for new-build properties, SATO StudioHomes are spacious studio apartments with high functionality and tailored fixtures, fittings and decor solutions. The homes also feature convenient sleeping lofts and balconies for added comfort. With ceiling heights of almost four metres, these are modern urban homes with an affordable rent. A model SATO StudioHome has now been completed and will be available for viewing outside the SATO Building in the Käpylä district of Helsinki.

SATO assumed a needs-driven approach in the design of an inexpensive housing concept to respond to the highest demand in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The pilot property for the concept is planned for Raikukuja street in Martinlaakso, Vantaa. An application for an amendment to the land use plan has been submitted, and capacity for an open-minded and positive approach to the development of housing formats as well as flexibility regarding norms was displayed by City of Vantaa officials in the discussions preceding the application.

Customer Relationships and Communications Director Monica Aro:

- The shortage of small homes in particular restricts the growth and development of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Efforts to improve the supply of functional small homes have been slowed down by construction norms.

Investment Manager Miikka Karjaluoto:

- With StudioHomes SATO will offer rental studios in a price range where there is no current supply in the market. The monthly rent of a new-build home in the pilot property will be around €500.

- The residents’ territory will be expanded by common areas such as the large ground-floor common room that can be transformed into purposes such as a café as well as the spacious terrace and sauna section on the top floor of the pilot property.

The SATO StudioHome will be available for viewing in July at the Vantaa Housing Fair. The studio can also be viewed by separate appointment in Käpylä before the Midsummer weekend.

For more information please contact:
Miikka Karjaluoto, Investment Manager, phone +358 40 583 0385
Monica Aro, Director, Customer Relationships and Communications, phone +358 201 34 4006 or +358 400 458 309

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