General upper secondary school students to brainstorm for SATO JuniorHome

17 June 2014

Last week SATO challenged a team of 8 participants to the Safari camp for societal action for general upper secondary school students to brainstorm for homes of the future. The aim was to gain an insight into young people's values and outline future trends.

The members of the team generated ideas for the content of a concept called SATO JuniorHome. They underlined the importance of social contacts in the buildings as well as areas that offer opportunities for encounters. They tackled their task by visiting the SATO SeniorHome in Martinlaakso, Vantaa, and testing their ideas with SATO staff members, for example.

The team's concept design started from the kind of life they would actually like to live in their home building. Around these dreams they designed a building with lots of communal areas and meeting points for residents and where all aspects of life are combined naturally.

Customer Relationships and Communications Director Monica Aro from SATO:

- It was lovely to see the enthusiasm of the team to grab their task and how they managed to come up with a housing concept containing novel elements.

- The young people's main focus was on the building as a whole, including the halls, workspaces and gyms. Communality was also expressed as their willingness to participate in the building's maintenance work. As regards the apartments, the team included small studios, 1-bedroom and shared apartments in their building.

- This quick look into the world of young people provided us at SATO with lots of good ideas to consider, refine and support the design of our future housing concepts. We also want to continue to cooperate with a variety of customer groups.

For more information contact:

Monica Aro, Director, Customer Relationships and Communications
phone +358 201 34 4006 or +358 400 458 309