Have you read your building's emergency plan?

24 September 2014

Safety is a right and obligation of all of us. An emergency plan has been drawn up for every SATO building, including yours. Make sure you read it to prepare yourself for a variety of situations that may take place in and outside your home.

The emergency plan of more and more SATO buildings is now available online. To find your building's emergency plan, enter your street address at www.sato.fi/omakoti. You will find a link to the emergency plan under Building information.

If the emergency plan for your building is not yet available online and you have not seen the plan on paper, contact your building manager for a copy of the plan. The building manager is obliged to distribute the emergy plan on paper to all the apartments in the building.

We keep the emergency plans up to date so we recommend that you take a look at yours at regular intervals.

Have a safe autumn!