Housing investment company SATO provides summer jobs for 28 young people

19 June 2014

SATO offers summer jobs to 28 young people in offices around Finland and outdoor work at investment properties.

Human Resources Manager Anne-Marie Ruohonen from SATO:

- Last summer was the first time we recruited 16-–18-year-olds to look after the outdoor areas of SATO buildings, with each of them working for us for a month. This worked well and now, in addition to Helsinki and Vantaa, we'll be doing the same in Espoo, Oulu and Tampere and, what's best – young people living in SATO buildings will also be joining us this summer.

SATO President and CEO Erkka Valkila invited the young employees over for coffee today:

- It's interesting to hear young people's expectations concerning work and the workplace community. We are determined to develop SATO as an attractive workplace of the future and therefore find our summer employees' thoughts particularly valuable.

- We have great people and an excellent workplace atmosphere at SATO. We hope these young people will get a a positive view of the housing investment sector that will give them new ideas regarding their career choices.

For more information contact:

Anne-Marie Ruohonen, Human Resources Manager
phone +358 201 34 4246 or +358 40 673 6445