Jenni Rantanen appointed as SATO Sustainability Manager

2 November 2023

Jenni Rantanen, MBA, has been appointed as SATO Sustainability Manager effective from 2 October 2023. Jenni is responsible for the implementation and development of sustainability action in line with the SATO Sustainability Programme. She reports to SATO Chief Financial Officer Markku Honkasalo.

Prior to this position, Jenni served as SATO Communications Manager since 2019. She has a long track record of communications and marketing roles in various sectors.

“I was already involved in SATO’s sustainability action in my previous role, and it’s great to get to take our efforts further. I’m jumping in during an interesting transition phase where the requirements set for corporate sustainability performance and reporting are growing and changing, and the importance of strategic sustainability action has increased,” says Jenni.

“In line with our vision under our Sustainability Programme, we aim to be a forerunner in sustainable rental housing. Sustainability is reflected in everything we do, and right now we’re developing our efforts further in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability as well as sustainable governance,” Jenni continues.

For more information about SATO’s sustainability please contact:
Jenni Rantanen, Sustainability Manager, phone +358 40 131 4381,