Orient Occident is SATO Partner of the Year 2021

15 February 2022

SATO has selected floor coverings supplier Orient Occident as SATO Partner of the Year 2021. The two companies have cooperated with each other for more than ten years. The award went to Orient Occident because of its excellent long-term cooperation with SATO as well as its high-quality products and responsible and sustainable operations.

SATO has selected interior materials supplier Orient Occident as SATO Partner of the Year 2021. Orient Occident supplies project-specific floor coverings for SATO rental homes projects. The scale of the projects ranges from the renovation of just one apartment to major new construction projects. The companies have cooperated with each other for more than ten years.

“It’s been excellent to cooperate with Orient Occident. We at SATO have been very happy with Orient Occident’s products both in terms of quality and in terms of how easy they are to install. Orient Occident’s positive company culture, capacity for cooperation and solid professionalism are obvious to us in everything they do,” says Mari Pesonen, Procurement Manager at SATO.

Leading the way in carbon-neutral interiors

Founded more than 100 years ago, Orient Occident is a Finnish family business that operates in close collaboration with the world’s leading manufacturers of interior materials. The importer’s operations are guided increasingly strongly by environmental aspects: Orient Occident already has the broadest range of carbon-neutral interior materials in the market.

“We make available ecologically sustainable interior materials that have a long life and are also easy to recycle at the end of their life. Many of our products are made from recycled or bio-based raw materials,” says Orient Occident Vice Managing Director Timo Järvinen.

Orient Occident conducts very careful reviews of the backgrounds as well as carbon dioxide emissions of products before approving them for its range.

“One of our key product comparison and selection criteria is a third-party reviewed Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) verifying as low a carbon footprint as possible. Our aim is to lead the way in sustainable interiors. Through our expertise and products, we also always seek to promote our project-owner clients’ responsible and sustainable goals,” Järvinen adds.

Orient Occident is based in Espoo, Finland, and has around 40 employees.

This was already the 16th time for SATO to select the Partner of the Year in order to encourage good players to develop their operations even further. The aim is also to draw attention to partners’ positive practices and attitudes.

For media enquiries please contact:

SATO Corporation, Mari Pesonen, Procurement Manager, phone +358 50 433 9819, mari.pesonen@sato.fi

Orient Occident, Timo Järvinen, Vice Managing Director, phone +358 50 1606, timo.jarvinen@orientoccident.fi

Orient Occident, Marko Mikkola, Technical Sales Manager, phone +358 40 571 7281, marko.mikkola@orientoccident.fi

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