Outdoor parcel lockers set up at 40 SATO buildings in the Helsinki region, Tampere and Turku

29 May 2023

SATO Corporation
Press release 29 May at 9:30 pm

In May, iBoxen parcel lockers where all parcels transported by Matkahuolto can be picked up and returned from were set up in the grounds of some 40 SATO buildings.Located outdoors, the parcel lockers are accessible 24/7/365 for easy parcel sending and collection.

The rise in online shopping has been reflected in the number of self-service parcel lockers. Parcel lockers are popular because they are easy and convenient to use. Now the outdoor parcel lockers introduced in Finland by the Swedish company iBoxen make it possible to have Matkahuolto parcels delivered even closer to home. Since early May, these lockers have been set up in the grounds of roughly 40 SATO buildings. All parcel lockers are available for general use, not just for building residents.

“We wish to offer our residents services that make everyday life easier and also enable a car-free lifestyle. The parcel lockers are always open, meaning that you can send or collect parcels when it best suits you. Picking up your parcel from a locker close to home instead of running a separate errand for it makes life just that little bit easier,” says Elina Vaurasalo, Executive Vice President, Housing Business.

The outdoor lockers can be used to both send and pick up parcels round the clock by using the Paketit app of Matkahuolto. Matkahuolto delivers both online orders and other parcels everywhere in Finland to almost 2,300 service points as well as abroad.

The parcel lockers are located at the following SATO buildings:


Aalto 4                
Eestintaival 3        
Hansatie 4
Heinjoenpolku 2
Henttaan puistokatu 6
Humisevanportti 2
Jousenkaari 7
Kulovalkeantie 22
Magneettikatu 8
Matinraitti 11
Tähtimötie 2        


Amiraalinkatu 2
Kangaspellontie 1
Kauppakartanonkatu 17
Keinulaudantie 7
Kerttusentie 14
Klaavuntie 8-10
Laivalahdenkaari 8
Leikosaarentie 12
Myllymatkantie 1
Otto Brandtin tie 16
Pihkatie 5
Takomotie 21
Tinatie 3
Välskärinkatu 4

Junailijankatu 2
Nekalankulma 3
Pellervonkatu 23
Perkiönkatu 62
Suoniemenkatu 2
Turjankatu 4        

Tiilentekijänkatu 3b
Verkapiha 1
Valpuri Innamaankatu 8, end of building A

Hiirakkotie 3
Krakantie 2
Ohdaketie 1
Putouskuja 7        
Tarhurintie 10

For media enquiries, please contact:

SATO Corporation, Elina Vaurasalo, Executive Vice President, Housing Business, phone +358 40 131 4010, elina.vaurasalo@sato.fi

If you have any questions about the parcel lockers or problems with them, please contact Matkahuolto customer service. You can find the contact information at https://www.matkahuolto.fi/customer-service[


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