Recycling container takes a tour in Turku

22 October 2014

Already a familiar sight in the Helsinki region, the SATO recycling container will be available in Turku in November. If your address is not listed below but you would like the container to appear outside your building, please contact your building manager and ask for it.

****Tiilentekijänkatu 3 b / Vilhonkatu 9
Kairialankatu 3 ja 5 (on the grounds of number 5)
Asentajankatu 11

Ruukinkatu 1 a
Tornikatu 6

Neitsyt Marian katu 2
Metallikatu 13 / Ruotsinsalmenkatu 2

Pakkarinkatu 3 b
Pormestarinkatu 4.

Examples of items you can take to the recycling container:

• waste electrical and electronic equipment (such as TV sets, washing machines, fridges, audiovisual equipment, computers, phones, tools, lamps and bulbs, batteries etc.)

• bicycles, lawn mowers, baby transport, barbecues, radiators, table legs, etc.

• indoor and outdoor furniture, mattresses

• tyres

• fence structures, wood, impregnated wood

• clothes, books, small household items

• cardboard, paper, glass and plastic

Cages and plastic containers will be provided with the container for easier collection and sorting of items.

Please note that you must not put any biowaste or non-recyclable materials such as hazardous waste, paint, oil or chemicals or construction and demolition waste such as rock wool, drywall panels or rock in the container.