Reforming customer service

27 April 2017

We at SATO want to provide you with even better customer service. At the core of everything we do is our customer-first approach, which means that things affecting you will be taken care of more smoothly and you will be kept more up to date on things. Traditional building management services will now be provided as an in-house service by SATO, and residents’ wellbeing in well-maintained home buildings is a heartfelt goal for us.

Starting from 1 May 2017, our friendly team of service managers will be in charge of your building’s management duties. You can contact them via SATO Customer Service.

The service manager will take care of matters including your building’s administration and finances as well as cooperation with residents, apartment repairs, approval of do-it-yourself renovations and dealing with disturbances in the building. You can contact the service manager via SATO Customer Service. The maintenance company will still be the organisation to contact if you need to report a fault or defect in your home.

This reform applies primarily to buildings all of the apartments in which are owned by SATO. You will always find your building’s contact details at

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SATO Customer Service
Phone: 020 334 443

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