Newly completed SATO part-ownership homes are a flexible form of housing

8 July 2020

One of Finland’s leading rental housing providers, SATO has launched a new housing solution where you can enter home ownership over five years with a smaller initial capital outlay. The first SATO FlexHomes were completed in Helsinki’s Tali district in June.

SATO's aim is to diversify housing solutions. The FlexHome is seen by SATO not only as a way of responding to consumer needs but also as a significant contribution towards the construction of diverse neighbourhoods. 

− Many people would like to buy a home but currently cannot or dare not take out a large home loan. We wanted to offer a new form of housing that can respond more flexibly to changes in life situations than owner-occupied housing, says SATO Executive Vice President for Investment Antti Aarnio.  

Another major need for additional forms of housing arises from the urban development need to create diverse environments. 

− FlexHomes are a contribution towards the construction of diverse neighbourhoods. Helsinki’s Tali district is a good example of this as it already features rental as well as owner-occupied homes and will now gain the added option of part-ownership housing, Aarnio adds.

As its name implies, SATO FlexHome is a concept developed to provide flexibility when life situations change. You only need a small initial capital outlay to access the home and then pay a part-ownership rent that is lower than the market rent, enabling you to make your possible loan repayments at the same time. The rental period – five years – is shorter than in traditional part-ownership models. After that you can decide whether or not to buy the apartment in full at the original price. Alternatively, you can sell the apartment back to SATO and still continue living in the apartment as a SATO tenant. 

For more information please contact:

SATO Corporation, Antti Aarnio, Executive Vice President, Investments, phone: +358 40 164 7052

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