Teamwork approach makes for smooth customer processes - Ahlsell is SATO Partner of the Year 2017

Dec 22, 2017


SATO has selected technical wholesaler Ahlsell Oy as SATO Partner of the Year 2017. Ahlsell supplies SATO partners - property maintenance companies and contractors in particular - with materials needed for repairs and renovations. Besides the customer interface, SATO is also further integrating its Customer First approach into its business partnerships, and the choice of Partner of the Year reflects this focus on the customer.

"We have been doing business with Ahlsell for a couple of years now and they have proved to be an open-minded partner," says Yaron Nadbornik, Head of Procurement at SATO. "Another supplier might simply have told us that they could not adapt their processes to the client's wishes, whereas Ahlsell has been willing to adjust their procedures according to our wishes and objectives."

In a departure from the traditional wholesale approach, Ahlsell invoices SATO directly for all products required by a maintenance company, for instance, leaving the maintenance company responsible for the actual installation work. This increases the performance of all parties, and improves the quality of customer's experience.

 "The new approach allows us to keep close tabs on all procurement of materials as well as material consumption, and we are able to keep costs and quality level in check," Nadbornik explains. "Moreover, the order process we have developed together with Ahlsell has been designed to make purchases as simple as possible. When maintenance workers need not spend their time filling in complicated order forms, they have more time to spend on working with customers."

 "Collaboration such as this between partners delivers benefits for both parties," says SATO President and CEO Saku Sipola. "Like us, Ahlsell take the long view, and our Customer First approach seems to come to them naturally. Not only are we very happy to be customers of Ahlsell, but our other major partners also work smoothly with them. The benefits of a well-designed process thus cascade into all areas of business."

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Yaron Nadbornik, Head of Procurement, phone +358 201 34 4278, +358 50 374 6817, yaron.nadbornik@sato.fi