Summer job at SATO StudioHome

14 July 2015

It’s easy to show a home when you love it yourself

Housing investment company SATO is showing its affordable rental housing concept SATO StudioHome at the Housing Fair in the Kivistö district of Vantaa. The model StudioHome home, set up close to the fairground restaurant, is being shown by summer employees Noora Lehtinen, Anna Tarkiainen and Mia Puttonen.

We stopped in for a chat with Noora (pictured) and Anna on their first day of work. What do these millennials think about working a summer job with SATO and StudioHome?

“Being a student of architecture, I wanted a summer job in my field, and working at the Housing Fair is a refreshing change from office work thanks to all the customer interfacing,” says Noora.

“SATO was already familiar to me. Taking a summer job with a major Finnish brand was an easy choice,” Anna says.

“SATO StudioHome sounded like an interesting concept, and seeing the model home for the first time was a real ‘wow’ moment. It’s easy to show this home to customers when you love it yourself,” Anna goes on.

“That’s so true. The model home practically shows itself. We just point out the finer details to customers, like the recessed mirror cabinet in the bathroom and the combination oven/microwave in the kitchenette,” Noora adds.

“My personal favourite is the sleeping loft in the StudioHome. It gives the home living space beyond its actual size, and the high ceiling only adds to the sense of space.”

The first SATO StudioHome property is being planned for Vantaa. Almost in one voice, both young women point out that the biggest asset of the StudioHome is its price relative to the quality of the home. Having relocated to the Helsinki region for their studies, both appreciate not only the low cost but also the independence which the StudioHome affords: peace and privacy instead of sharing an apartment.

Anna points out that StudioHome is not just for young people, though.

“When I told my dad about this summer job and showed him pictures of the StudioHome, he said that it would work equally well as a holiday home for a retired person!”

Besides the three summer employees showing the StudioHome, SATO also provides summertime employment to 12 young persons at its offices and to another 14 doing grounds work at its investment properties in the Helsinki region, Oulu and Tampere.

For more information please contact:

SATO as an employer
Anne-Marie Ruohonen, Human Resources Manager
phone +358 201 34 4246 or +358 40 673 6445

SATO StudioHome
Miikka Karjaluoto, Investment Manager, phone +358 201 34 4068

The model SATO StudioHome is available for viewing at the Vantaa Housing Fair, in section UA6.