More SATO RentHomes to be built in Helsinki region

13 June 2014

Property construction begins in Tapiola, Espoo, and Pakkala, Vantaa

Housing investment company SATO is actively increasing the supply of rental homes, particularly in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The 36 rental homes in the properties now under construction will be completed in late 2015 in Tapiola, Espoo, and Pakkala, Vantaa. Both properties will also contain owner-occupied homes.

Director Jouko Kuusela from SATO:

- We are currently constructing more than 700 new rental homes in Finland, with around 300 already completed for the rental market this year. Our main focus is on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, which is where demand is highest.

- The As Oy Tapiolan Itäkartano under construction in the peaceful Mäntyviita area of Tapiola will feature pleasant and light-filled rental and owner-occupied homes. The homes are designed to be suitable for senior citizens.

- Constructed in Pakkala, As Oy Pakkalanrinne 3 is the final of a set of three housing companies in the same block consisting of SATO Rent and OwnerHomes. Demand for the other properties in the area has been high thanks to their central location and successful design.

For more information contact:

Jouko Kuusela, Director, phone +358 201 34 4244 or +358 400 458 303