Resident-oriented property maintenance

15 September 2014

SATO will sign new contracts for the building maintenance and cleaning of all SATO rental buildings. SATO will have an increased focus on clarity, transparency and quality service from the resident perspective in the future. Several practical measures will be employed to improve openness.

Property maintenance and cleaning staff will have identifiers displaying their name and their company's name as well as flag symbols indicating the languages they speak. This will make it easier for residents to approach maintenance staff working on the property. The property cleaning programme will also be displayed on the notice board.

Maintenance company customer service will also become easier to reach as customer service helplines will be open until 17:30 at least on one business day every week.
Smooth cooperation between building maintenance and management helps achieve high quality of customer experience and keep the properties in good technical condition.

The new property maintenance contracts will enter into force at the beginning of October. This will also involve a change of maintenance company in around one in three SATO buildings.

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