SATO Annual Report ranked number one in its category in ProCom Annual Reports Review

17 May 2019

SATO’s Annual Report 2018 was selected as the winner of the unlisted companies category of the Annual Reports Review of ProCom – the Finnish Association of Communication Professionals yesterday.

The jury found the Annual Report illustrative and credible thanks to the facts, infographics and good content highlights from over the year. Particular praise was given for the description of the operating environment. The SATO Annual Report was regarded as among the best reports and as a whole described as visually harmonious and consistent to its style and brand.

- The theme of the Annual Report was ”What makes home a home?" The theme is based on our advertising approach updated during the reporting year for added emotional appeal and genuineness. We wanted our Annual Report to have the same feel while at the same time not forgetting the facts, says Miia Eloranta, Director of Marketing and Communications, SATO.

- We’re happy that the Annual Report provided the jury with an image of a company that has identified its opportunities to promote not only sustainable housing but also residents' opportunities for a sustainable lifestyle. The Annual Report is also our Sustainability Report and we’ve reported comprehensively on the variety of practical actions that we took to advance sustainability issues, Miia Eloranta continues.

The Annual Report is a joint effort by many SATO employees as well as our cooperation partner, so the recognition also belongs to all those involved. Therefore our warm thanks go to all those who participated in the production of the report.

This is not the first time SATO Annual Reports have received top rankings. The Annual Reports for 2010, 2012 and 2016 were winners of the unlisted companies category of the Annual Reports Review of ProCom.

For more information please contact:

Miia Eloranta, Director for Marketing and Communications,, p. +358 201 34 4497 or +358 50 441 4221
Kukka Eerola, Communications Manager,, p. +358 40 569 8715

You will find the SATO Annual Report for 2018 at