SATO boosts number of plastic recycling points at its buildings

4 July 2018


Rental housing provider SATO will make plastic recycling points available to nearly 3,000 households at its buildings in the Helsinki region this summer. By increasing the number of plastic recycling containers at its properties, SATO is responding to residents' wishes for more recycling. The aim in plastic recycling is to reduce the amount of mixed waste.

SATO residents have often, both in social media and in everyday conversations, voiced their desire to have a plastic recycling container placed at their building.

"This interest in plastic recycling is a highly welcome trend. We are happy to be able to respond to these calls in the Helsinki region in cooperation with HSY," says Antti Asteljoki, SATO Vice President for Housing Business.

Plastic collection serves SATO's aim of reducing the amount of mixed waste. The collection containers placed in the buildings' recycling points are intended to make plastic recycling easier. The amounts and ratios of waste will be monitored on the basis of emptying frequency and the number of containers.

"We are very pleased to see SATO make the collection of plastic packaging waste available to an increasing number of residents in the Helsinki region. The number of recycling points is climbing rapidly. More than 4,600 properties in the Helsinki region and in Kirkkonummi are already involved," notes Minna Partti, environmental expert at HSY.

The collection containers arrived at the SATO buildings right after Midsummer. Residents were also provided with a newsletter and HSY's sorting instructions for guidance in the recycling of plastic.

For more information please contact:

SATO Corporation
Maria Aspala, Service Director, phone 0201 34 4138