SATO joins in on the fun with Putous

28 October 2014

SATO sponsors the Finnish MTV3 comedy combat show Putous. Our cooperation with the hit comedy charater talent show will run throughout the season, including repeats.

Marketing Manager Laine Spellman from SATO:

- Seeking the attention of major audiences using humour takes skill and successful choices of partner. It's difficult to imagine a better partner than Putous: the show has pulled in audiences exceeding one million!

- In addition to ad breaks, we're visible in all of the show's channels, online, Facebook and mobile. But what we - and hopefully the audience - find the best fun is the SATO and Putous Home Character Competition on Facebook. Viewers can take part in the competition by revealing the funniest characters in their home and, although only seen in photos, the entries already include characters that are clearly hilarious.

Alongside the Putous campaign, SATO will be visible in outdoor advertising and social media.

For more information contact:
Marketing Manager Laine Spellman, phone +358 201 34 4240 or +358 40 455 5562