SATO published its first Green Bond Report

2 March 2022

SATO has today published its first Green Bond Report. The report provides details on SATO’s Green Financing Framework, the green bond issued 2020 and SATO’s environmental impacts as well as a list of SATO’s Green Bond Assets.

SATO Corporation issued a EUR 350 million senior unsecured green bond under its EMTN programme on 24 September 2020. This was SATO’s first green bond. The bond was offered to European investors. The unsecured bond has a maturity of over seven years and bears an annual fixed coupon of 1.375 per cent.

The net cash proceeds will be used for financing and/or refinancing of Eligible Green Assets as per SATO’s Green Finance Framework.

"SATO was among the first Finnish companies to issue a green bond. Sustainability is at the core of our new strategy and we promote sustainable development through our activities. Sustainability is an essential element in our long-term value creation for investors and other stakeholders", says SATO’s CFO Markku Honkasalo.

SATO’s Green Bond Report 2021 and the Green Finance Framework are available on SATO’s website at

For further information please contact:

SATO Corporation

Markku Honkasalo, Chief Financial Officer,, phone +358 20 134 4226
Henry Lindqvist, Group Treasurer,, phone +358 20 134 4229

SATO Corporation

SATO is one of Finland's leading rental housing providers. SATO aims to offer a comprehensive choice of rental housing and an excellent customer experience. At year-end 2021, SATO owned nearly 27,000 apartments in Finland's largest growth centres and in St Petersburg.

We promote sustainable development and initiative through our operations and work in open interaction with our stakeholders to generate added value. We operate profitably and with a long-term view. We increase the value of our housing assets through investments, divestments and repairs.

SATO Group's net sales in 2021 were EUR 298.3 million, operating profit EUR 304.5 million and profit before taxes EUR 259.4 million. The value of SATO's investment property is roughly EUR 5 billion.