SATO signs Property and Building Sector Energy Efficiency Agreement again

14 October 2016

Action against climate change through energy savings

SATO has today signed the Finnish Property and Building Sector Energy Efficiency Agreement and made a commitment to the Rental Housing Property Action Plan (VAETS). The agreement covers the 2017-2025 period, and SATO has also been a party to the preceding agreements aimed to achieve energy savings in the rental property sector ever since the first one signed in 2002.

President and CEO Saku Sipola from SATO:

- SATO has had an environmental programme since 1999, and we've made a special effort to achieve energy savings. During the latest Rental Housing Property Action Plan period in 2009-2015, our cumulative heat savings totalled almost 155,000 megawatt hours. This is the same as the annual heat consumption of around 300 apartment buildings. In water savings the corresponding figures are more than 480,000 cubic metres or the consumption of 96 apartment buildings.

- Under the new Action Plan, SATO makes a commitment to reducing the total combined heat and electricity energy consumption in our buildings by 10.5% from the 2014 level by 2025. The stricter targets encourage us to continue our work as forerunners in sustainability among Finnish and even Nordic and European housing investment companies. In September we were awarded Green Star rating in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey for the second time in a row and were ranked as the best among Nordic housing investments companies and the sixth-highest among European housing investment companies attending the survey.

As well as being determined to achieve savings in the various energy forms, SATO has also set a target for cuts in specific greenhouse gas emissions.

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