SATO to construct new high-class rental homes in Etu-Töölö, Helsinki

10 February 2015

Housing investment company SATO will construct another building on a prestigious site in the Leppäsuo area of Etu-Töölö, central Helsinki. The SATO RentHomes in the housing company called As Oy Töölön Gaala will be completed around Christmas 2016.

Director Antti Aarnio from SATO:

- There will be a total of 123 high-quality rental and owner-occupied homes at the corner of Mechelininkatu and Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu streets. The first homes, belonging to the As Oy Töölö Estradi housing company, will already be completed this year.

- We apply a star rating to our rental homes on the basis of their quality, and the homes now to be constructed for As Oy Töölön Gaala will be stunning five-star SATO RentHomes. The location is fantastic for five-star homes – we have 19 rental homes in the section of the block completed earlier, and demand for them has remained high.

The construction company for As Oy Töölön Gaala and As Oy Töölön Estradi is SRV.

For more information please contact:

SATO Corporation
Antti Aarnio, Director, p. +358 201 34 4200 or +358 40 164 7052

Attachment: A photo of As Oy Töölön Gaala and As Oy Töölön Estradi