SATO turns 80 today – to celebrate we are donating joy to children and our residents

20 September 2020

Today on the 20th September we are celebrating our 80-year journey through the Finnish history of housing to become one of the leading rental home providers of the country. Our work began by building homes for soldiers returning from war as well as for their families in a time when there was a need for half a million of new homes in Finland. In the end of 1990’s we changed direction from construction to housing, and today there are nearly 50,000 residents in SATOhomes. And home – it is as emotive in 2020 as it was 80 years ago.

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Actions of charity instead of a traditional Birthday party

Due to this exceptional year that is 2020 we have decided to let go of the idea of a traditional celebration, and do different deeds. Last spring we donated food gift cards to our residents in need of immediate help at the early days of the pandemic. In this fall we are making a donation to SOS Children’s Villages Finland to enable kids to make a change in their as well as our future. In our Birthday year we have donated over €100,000 to charity.

In October our personnel is going to plant 80 spruces in the yards of SATOhomes. We see the trees as a symbol of our commitment to carbon neutrality in accordance with our sustainability programme. At the same time we hope our residents find joy in decorating the trees for the winter holidays. For our residents as well as for our personnel we are organising a virtual celebration in October.

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