SATO's holiday donations to Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry and Tukikummit-säätiö

22 December 2021

This holiday SATO makes its donations to Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry (No fixed abode NGO) and Tukikummit-säätiö. Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry acts as a guardian of the interests of homeless people, and defends everyone's right for a home. Tukikummit-säätiö takes action to prevent the marginalization of youth.

"We have worked together with Vailla vakinaista asuntoa ry since 2018 on #kämppäjaduuni ('a home and a job') project, with which we are helping the unemployed and homeless. We find it very important to help forward the essential work VVA does, with both concrete action as well as with donations", says Antti Aarnio, SATO's CEO.

”The pandemic has been challenging especially to the young. This year we want to support the work of Tukikummit-säätiö to prevent the social exclusion of youth”, Aarnio continues.

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For more information, please contact:
SATO Corporation
Antti Aarnio, President and CEO, p. +358 40 164 7052