SATO’s Kotona wins Best Customer Magazine category in Design & Print Awards 2015

10 February 2016

Praised by jury for approachability

The SATO customer magazine Kotona won the Best Customer Magazine category in the Design & Print Awards 2015 competition last night. The jury based its choice on the magazine’s professional, well thought out concept, and praised Kotona for being of high-value, interesting and very approachable.

Customer Relationships and Communications Director Monica Aro from SATO:

- We’re very pleased to be acknowledged for attributes the Kotona magazine’s editorial staff has been working to achieve. It is especially important for a customer magazine to be seen as easy to read yet so interesting the reader really wants to spend time with it.

- We’re constantly striving to improve Kotona magazine and we want the magazine to reach all our customers from kids to grandparents. We hope that the magazine feels like a gift for its reader.

The Design & Print Awards 2015 competition was organised by Antalis Oy, and its Customer Magazine category had 27 contestants. The Kotona magazine entered with the entire set of issues for 2015.

This was not the first recognition received by the magazine. Rated highly by SATO's customers, the magazine has previously won acclaim such as the winner of the customer magazine category in both the ProCom Lehtikatsaus 2009 competition and the Finnish Edit 2012 magazine competition. Kotona was also awarded an honorary mention in the International Customer Publishing Awards 2010.

For more information please contact:

Monica Aro, Director, Customer Relationships and Communications
phone +358 201 34 4006 or +358 400 458 309