SATO’s low-energy building shortlisted for final in Finland’s Smartest and Happiest Residential Building competition

5 October 2015

Completed last year in Soukka, Espoo, Soukanniementie 1 is SATO’s first low-energy building. In September the building was the winner among properties completed in 2014–2015 in the Top Property 2015 competition organised to mark SATO's 75th anniversary. The expert member of the competition jury was Professor Matti Rautiola, Architect (SAFA).

Professor Matti Rautiola:

- This SATO Top Property award winner in Soukanniementie 1 is a low-energy property where building identity and quality experience arise genuinely from the appreciation of the site and residents’ life without restrictions posed on the quality of architecture by the financing model or type of occupancy. The outcomes of considerate programming, design and construction are reflected as residential satisfaction.

Green Building Council Finland has shortlisted the same property as one of the three finalists in its Finland’s Smartest and Happiest Residential Building competition. The competition challenges the sector to offer and develop residential buildings that are efficient in terms of energy and water consumption and also make happy homes in terms of their indoor conditions (acoustics, temperature, lighting and air quality). The aim was to find residential buildings with smart use of energy and water as well as pleasant indoor conditions for residents. The results will be announced at the Green Celebration event organised at the Old Student House, Helsinki, on 22 October.

Consisting of 56 SATO RentHomes, the property was designed by architect Ulla Saarinen from Jukka Turtiainen Architects Ltd.

SATO’s next low-energy building is also under construction in Soukka. The 42 SATO RentHomes at Kilvoituksentie are due for completion in November 2016.

For more information please contact:

SATO Corporation
Pasi Suutari, Vice President, phone +358 201 34 4008 or +358 40 504 4292

Expert member of the jury
Matti Rautiola, Professor, Architect (SAFA), phone +358 40 508 8861

Green Building Council Finland
Jessica Karhu,

Attachment: Photos of Soukanniementie 1