SATO's #valohaaste light challenge encourages sharing of positive messages with neighbours

20 November 2017

More than half hope to see more communality in their home building

An official partner of Lux Helsinki light festival, SATO is encouraging its residents to use their windows to create lit speech bubbles containing messages to their neighbours. At the same time, SATO challenges the entire city to participate in the #valohaaste light challenge for locals to bring more light to each other's lives through positive messages during the two darkest months of the year. According to a questionnaire conducted in October, more than half of SATO residents' panellists hope to see more communality in their home building.

Meri Timonen crafted a big heart on the window of her living room in Kallio, Helsinki.

Partnering with Lux Helsinki light festival, SATO is turning the windows of its residential buildings into lit speech bubbles where residents can write encouraging messages to each other. This way SATO residents will communally turn their buildings into works of art that generate light and warmth for neighbours and passers-by.

A building located in Castréninkatu, Kallio, was the first to take part in the sticky notes event. In November, buildings in Hämeentie, Piilikuja and Mechelininkatu will join this feelgood campaign. At the same time, SATO challenges all other SATO buildings and Helsinki region residents appreciating communality and neighbourly warmth to take part in the #valohaaste light challenge.

– During the two darkest months, November and December, residents can use colourful notes on their windows to write messages to their neighbours, people in buildings next door and passers-by. Small positive messages can strengthen the sense of cohesion and community, says Miia Eloranta, Director for Marketing and Communications, from SATO.

According to a communality survey° commissioned by SATO in the autumn, as many as more than half of the respondents (51%) hope to see more communality between neighbours. Almost 30% find that communality is realised in their current neighbourhood. A further 30% find their neighbours provide them with security. Almost all respondents (96.8%) hope to see neighbours say 'hello' to them in and outside the building. For many respondents (42.7%) it would be important for their children to be able to play with neighbours' children.

– Housing is much more than just the building, walls and floors. It also includes the local environment and neighbours who people interact with in their everyday lives. It's important for us to look after people's wellbeing. We believe that the better people enjoy spending time together and create a light-filled environment, the nicer it also is for them to live in a SATO home, says Eloranta.

°The SATO communality survey took place in the SATO Pulse residents' panel in October 2017. The survey was responded to by 379 residents.

For more information please contact:
Miia Eloranta, Director for Marketing and Communications,
Phone: +358 201 34 4497 or +358 50 441 4221