Smooth everyday living with the help of residential values for SATOhomes

19 September 2017

Living in a SATO home means you make a commitment to certain residential values. Living in accordance with these values makes your everyday life smoother and increases your own wellbeing and that of your environment. We at SATO are committed to supporting these values. We support good neighbourly relations, look after your home building’s common areas and offer advice in rent payment issues. This means we are making sure you will get excellent customer service.


Being a good neighbour
I respect my neighbours’ domestic peace and privacy. I follow the building rules and regulations and other jointly agreed rules of conduct.
Keeping the environment pleasant
I keep the corridors free and clear of any items or materials and never leave anything behind in any other common areas either. I take special care of keeping the waste container room tidy.
Paying rent responsibly
I always pay the rent on time and this way also avoid extra costs.