15 September 2020

A recycling event was organised on 4 September in which furniture from an apartment block to be demolished in Oulunkylä was sold and distributed. More than 100 people stopped by to see what kind of treasures they could find.

The event, organised by SATO and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre, took place at Jokiniementie 40 and offered taps, light fixtures, intermediate doors and other items at reasonable prices. In addition, more than 80 appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves, were given away for free. Items in good condition and nostalgic pieces were very popular, as were plants, which were still being collected from the yard of the building over the subsequent weekend.

The recycling event, organised for the first time, proved to be a success and received positive feedback from visitors. Efficiency was the real strength of the event, which was SATO’s idea: selling or giving away items directly from a demolition site eliminates the costs and hassle of storing the items. SATO intends to take advantage of this proven operating model in future, too.

“We want to continue arranging recycling events in co-operation with the Reuse Centre. We will develop future events based on what we learned here. This will help us recycle as many items as possible, thus promoting the circular economy,” says Arto Aalto, SATO’s director of planning and project execution.

“We are constantly on the lookout for new ways of recycling and reusing goods, and our partnership with SATO is a good example of this. Currently, a high volume of reusable items unfortunately ends up as waste because established recycling practices or incentives do not exist yet,” says Hanna Lilja, head of the Reuse Centre’s circular economy services.

For more information, please contact:

SATO Corporation, Arto Aalto, Director of planning and project execution, p. 0201 34 4392,