Summer job with SATO is fun and provides just the right challenge

23 June 2016

SATO Corporation, Press Release, 23rd June 2016 at 8:20 am

Tiina and Vilma's first assignment was to generate ideas for housing services of the future

Participating for the first time in the Responsible Summer Job campaign, SATO received more summer job applications than ever before this year. Among those landing a job with SATO, one of Finland's largest rental housing providers, were law student Tiina Mäntylä and business studies student Vilma Pyykönen.

- I spotted the online job advert looking for students from a variety of fields - including law - to work for SATO for the summer. I filled in the application and was happy to get an interview and then also the job, says Tiina, who works in property officer duties.

- And I went "Yes!" and "Wow!" when I heard I got a summer job with SATO, laughs Vilma, who is serving as a summer substitute for SATO's rent payment advisers.

- I've always been interested in the property sector, and over these few weeks of work I've discovered that SATO's a lot broader entity and player than I could ever have imagined!

Varied tasks providing just the right challenge and a good team to work with have made this a nice summer job for both of Tiina and Vilma.

- In addition to property officer duties I get to do tasks that require legal competencies, which is excellent for me as a law student, says Tiina. - Everyone here appears really nice and the atmosphere's great!

- I really like the rent payment adviser duties. They're interesting as well as challenging and it's nice that the work also involves customer service. The tasks require accuracy and diligence, which suits me spot-on, says Vilma.

- There's great communal spirit here, and it's a meaningful experience to work with SATO staff from such a variety of backgrounds. I've heard stories about SATO from many years ago from the more experienced employees, while on the other hand it's been nice to share experiences with newer staff members as well.

Tiina and Vilma were also immediately invited to join the SATO days where the entire company got together to brainstorm ideas for new service concepts and forms of housing for our customers.

- It was great as a summer employee to be involved in SATO's development and, above all, to see how very many ideas can be generated in just a couple of days when you make a joint effort. At the same time I got to know SATO people from other units and learned the faces behind many names that I'd already came across in emails, says Vilma. - These days were an absolutely excellent start for the summer!

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SATO also continued its long summer tradition of hiring 16-18-year-olds to work on the grounds of SATO buildings. Recruitment for these summer jobs took place in the areas where the buildings to be looked after are located in order to make sure young people can participate in the maintenance of their local neighbourhood. All an all, SATO employes 23 summer workers this summer.

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