These five attributes are valued in Finnish rental homes

5 June 2017

SATO Corporation, Press Release, 5th June 2017 at 3:05 pm

It's all about 'location, location, location' when it comes to rental homes, says the SATO Pulse residents panel. The survey on the most important qualities of rental homes in Finland revealed that location trumps factors including price, condition and layout.

A survey conducted in the SATO Pulse residents panel indicated that the most important factor in choosing a rental home was location. People prefer to rent a home in an area where the necessary amenities are close by and which matches their lifestyle and needs in terms of location and transport links. A good location does not mean the same to everyone, however. Some of the respondents valued centrally located homes while others emphasised the importance of closeness to nature and scenic vistas.

Price was rated the second most important criterion for choosing a rental home. Rental homes are expected to result in moderate living expenses and have a good price/quality ratio. According to the survey, people are nonetheless prepared to pay slightly higher rent for homes equipped with certain comfort factors such as a private sauna.

Many respondents described the best qualities of their own home as its cosiness, cleanness and overall comfortability. Condition was indeed ranked the third most important quality in choosing a rental home. People also attached importance to having a say in the condition and look of their rental home, for instance being allowed to paint the walls.

The layout of the home rated fourth in the rankings. Besides floor area, potential renters also value effective layout planning, spacious rooms and an overall sense of space. Alongside location, the panellists also put a premium on public transport links, which placed fifth in the ranking.

"We started the digital residents panel this spring in order to provide our clients with a tool for contributing to the development of their neighbourhood. The panel also allows us to quickly obtain research data to support our own business development," explains Miia Eloranta, Director for Marketing and Communications.

SATO Pulse TOP 5 considerations in choosing a rental home

  1. Location 78%
  2. Price 69%
  3. Condition of apartment 46%
  4. Layout 35%
  5. Public transport links 21%

The SATO Pulse survey had 178 respondents, all of whom were SATO residents. They were asked to choose the three most important criteria that had a very significant or significant impact when choosing a rental home.

Residents panel gives residents a say

Launched in spring 2017, the digital SATO Pulse residents panel is a tool that allows SATO residents to express their views on topics they consider important and to have a say in their housing. The panel is surveyed once a month on topics related to housing, culture and one's own neighbourhood. The surveys can be accessed on their smartphones by all SATO residents over the age of 18.

More information:
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