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Finnish homes - and neighborhoods - for 80 years!

When one lives to be 80 one has seen a lot and been involved in a lot. It is difficult to find a neighborhood in Finland where there's no homes either built or rented by SATO. Our SATO RentHomes are located in the large cities (and in St. Petersburg), but we have built homes throughout the whole Finland, from North to South, East to West, in neighborhoods of all sizes.

We rummaged around our archives and found a bunch of photos of city neighborhoods from our housing journey. Take a look if you recognize these hoods. You'll find the answers at the end of the quiz.

1. The summerhome of Otso and Kontio

Let's start things easy. This neighborhood probably needs no extra tips, but here's one: There are heavy metal bears on its shore, and furry ones nextdoor.

2. Functionalism with prefab highrises

50% of this dearly loved neighborhood was built by SATO, and at the moment we are renovating the oldest houses. Here's a tip: Hard core inhabitants know the hood also by name 'Aarnikka'.

3. We have Itäkeskus also

A beloved suburb with a questionable reputation and lush green yards. And here's a tip: We have Itis, too, even though we are not in Helsinki.

4. Snug little place by Pilvijärvi lake

There are quite a few floorball enthusiasts among the 4,000 residents of this neighborhood only a busdrive away from Helsinki.

Always ready to be reformed

SATO celebrates its 80th birthday in fall of 2020. The journey from reconstruction efforts after the World War II, through constructing owner-occupied homes and commercial spaces, to transforming into one of Finland's leading housing providers has been eventful.

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5. A home for princesses

The newest neighborhood of this quiz is located in the fresh hug of recreational gardens and exercise parks in the foreground of this photo. We have constructed all of the homes in the block, and the owner-occupied ones all have royal names.

6. One of Finland's most uniform city districts

Plotted and planned before the World War II this neighborhood has seen a lot. Currently it is been revamped, and there is a new commercial centre on the rise. The district is a lot more broader than seen in the photo. Here's a tip for those who know Finnish dialects: "Nääs."

7. At which one of these were I supposed to be?

This cosy lowrise packed neighborhood has three similarly named siblings, one of which will definitely not be lowrise packed in the future.

Residential segregation

The segregation of residential areas is a complex phenomenon that can affect the general well-being of neighbourhoods.

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8. Once a vivacious village, now a homey hood

If this photo had been taken yesterday, the photographer would have needed to tilt their camera a lot more upwards. One advantage of this district is the upcoming metro station. You have to wait a couple of years, though.

9. Dated shopping mall as an Achilles' heel

Wide sidewalks, lush green yards and parks, great services and an excellent location. Those are the things people love in this development. And the thing they dislike: An outdated shopping mall, waiting for a brighter future.

10. The queen of Finnish suburbs

We bet that if you asked all your Finnish friends to list some famous hoods, this queen of suburbs would be on the list. It has it all: reached by bus, walls of precast concrete, classic shopping mall, and a reputation from 1980's.

You knew them all, right?

Thank you for visiting neighborhoods connected to SATO's history. The right answers are below, and you can click yourself back to our 80th anniversary page here ›

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