How we moderate SATO's social media

SATO’s social media accounts are open for everybody interested in housing and homes, and upfront discussions, even on more difficult subjects, are welcome and important to us. However, we do moderate our accounts and posts firmly and do not allow any form of hate speech. If you direct your indignation towards a specific group of people, we will most likely block you. If you direct your indignation towards us without using profanities, we are happy to invest our customer service expertise on your case and help you out.

Please respect other users in the conversations under our posts. We will be your biggest fan if you stop and listen to other people and make an effort in rationalizing your own arguments. If you raise your voice, harass, or use derogatory language, we may either delete your comment or block you altogether.

Lastly, we kindly remind you that we are dealing with people’s homes, and for example due to information security issues we cannot solve all problems on a public social media platform. Please remember not to share your private information online. If we need to identify you securely, we will direct you to use our other customer service channels. If you live in a SATOhome, we highly recommend you sign into OmaSATO which is equivalent to a strong authentication.

If you are in a hurry, please choose faster way of contacting us:

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