We enable growth and manage risks through a diverse range of financing sources

The financial situation of SATO is good. The principals of our financing are written in the SATO finance policy and approved by the Board. To secure the continuity of the operations we are aiming for an equity ratio in excess of 35 per cent calculated on fair value. In accordance with the financial policy, fixed-rate loans are kept at over 60 per cent of all loans.

More unencumbered assets

At the end of 2023, the proportion of unencumbered assets was 87.7 per cent of the balance sheet.

We are determined to continue expanding our financing structure. Diversified financing supports our strategic goals and profitable housing investments and strengthens our risk management.

Public credit rating BBB (negative outlook)

To ensure better availability of financing and diversified funding sources, SATO has acquired a public credit rating. On November 2022 Standard & Poor's revised SATO Corporation's rating outlook from stable to negative.

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Green financing

Investments towards financing homes classified as Eligible Green Assets as per SATO’s Green Finance Framework.

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