Make OmaSATO part of your life

Home in your pocket

OmaSATO is a digital service intended for SATO residents where you can take care of housing-related things whenever you want and wherever you are. For example, you can use the service to message with our Customer Service or to send us a defect report. OmaSATO is the only place where you can activate your customer benefits and, if your home has a temperature sensor, it is easy for you to monitor the temperature in your apartment via OmaSATO.

We are continuously developing OmaSATO on the basis of requests received from residents. By using the service and giving us feedback, you can help us to make OmaSATO even better.

How to start using OmaSATO

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your online bank user identifiers or mobile certificate.
  • Click ‘Register’ and follow the instructions.

Once registered, it will be quick and easy for you log into the service with your email address and password.

Nice to see you!