Love, petting, and food – Paavo The Cat is having cat days in his SATO home

Have you ever wondered what kind of cat days are spent in SATO homes? We have, and that's why we conducted a large cat survey for our residents in the fall of 2023. Based on the responses, most SATO households with cats as a pet have one domestic cat. We went to Vermonniitty to get acquainted with such an average survey cat – who, due to his magnificent personality, may not fit into the gray statistics.

Paavo's servant Jukka-Pekka Forsberg has shared that he learned the noble skills of lounging, observing the environment, and setting personal boundaries from this aristocratic cat who, in his old age, transformed into a lap cat. Although Paavo represents the average, he is also exceptional because the cat has two homes. Our interviewee, who spends time at Jukka-Pekka's place every few weeks, sits on the edge of the couch with a slightly critical expression. It's time to approach the great master.

Hello, Paavo! Give me a paw here. Oh, no. Well, that... Still nice to meet you. Let's start this interview with an introduction. Who are you? Tell the readers a bit about yourself.

Oh, the times, the customs! Informality! I am Paavo, the pinnacle of animal intelligence, i.e., a cat. It would be better if you used my royal title, King of Cats Paavo, for the duration of this interview.

Your Highness, King of Cats Paavo, has this name been with you since birth?

Thank you for acknowledging my royal status. We can proceed with the interview.

Actually, this title is only in use within the confines of my little furry head. My humblest servants call me Paavo, but to them, I am also known as Pavelski, Paveriino, Paavoboi, Uncle Paavo Petäjä, or Mr. P, among other titles.

At times, they describe me as a fancy boy. That's due to my magnificent black, long, and sleek fur, which I diligently groom. Fortunately, my servants also understand the importance of brushing it with due diligence.

Komea musta kissa katsoo kameraan keittiössä, ruokapaikkansa edessä.
SATO resident, King of Cats Paavo aka Paavoboi, in front of his food supply.

According to SATO's extensive cat survey:

  • 48% of respondents own a cat, and among these,
    • 52% are households with one cat
    • 35% serve two cats
    • 13% enjoy the company of three or more cats at home

You do have an undeniably magnificent coat, Mr. P!

You might be surprised, despite my stunning appearance, I have rural roots: a human woman found me abandoned in a barn in the spring of 2007. Since then, I have been living in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

When I was a few months old, a human man entered the picture, who fortunately was worthy of me. He didn't need behavior training (unlike some overly eager journalists). The human man says we had a deep connection from the start. According to him, J-P had a very useful lap, and he had good manners. And he didn't try to bribe me. Later on, the humans separated, but they understood that both of them needed to continue in my service.

What is your second residence like?

The residence is a two-bedroom apartment in Vermonniitty, Espoo. I live a few weeks at a time in the castle with the human woman, and then I move to the second residence for a few weeks with the human man.

Musta pitkäkarvainen kissa valkoisella ikkunalaudalla aurinkoisena päivänä.
Paavo sees Everything.

While here, I particularly enjoy the views from the 13th floor. I can observe the sad wandering of dogs in the rain or their silly runs with drool on their faces, all from the balcony and windows. I'm absolutely sure the dog revolution will never happen, and cats will remain at the pinnacle of the pyramid forever.

According to SATO's grand cat survey, servants adapt their interiors to meet the needs of their cats. The most common acquisition is a climbing and/or scratching tree, followed by attention to lounging places, and thirdly, toys and enrichment.

Has the human man taken care of your home decor according to your needs?

My servant here is quite competent. He arranges movie nights for me, where we watch aquarium and bird videos instead of cat videos. I also entertain him with shared ball games, showcasing my hunting skills.

But let's get back to the important things: a home without a climbing tree is not a home! Luckily, here, there is space tailored to my needs. Climbing and scratching trees, hiding spots, and the litter box are always in place when I arrive at the residence.

The apartment is also pleasantly quiet, allowing me to take good naps in my preferred spots. And though you didn't ask, thanks to this home, I have learned to tolerate elevators. So, there are no downsides at all, and statistically, J-P excels in this interior design challenge.

Could you describe the routines you have in your second residence?

I wake up my servant in the morning with a beautiful serenade, asking for a little replenishment in my food bowl as a reward. After breakfast, I go to sleep in the wardrobe, where the servant has kindly made a nest for me behind piles of trousers. I appreciate his dedication.

Next, I wake up for lunch and order the servant to play with me. He now knows my precise lap routine: I must be petted in his lap during lunchtime and in the evening.

After lunch, I nap in the bed under the duvet until the afternoon. Then, I go to the balcony to observe and sniff the outdoor air. I've particularly enjoyed watching construction sites here in Vermonniitty. Since we are so high up, squirrels aren't visible, but I still like looking downward.

Musta kissa vaatii ruokaa isännältään nousemalla takajaloilleen keittiön lattialla.
Uncle Paavo Petäjä takes part in cooking.

I can demand outdoor time by settling next to the harness. Luckily, my servant understands what's going on. We go around the courtyard together, and I sniff and eat grass and hay according to my preferences. On sunny days, I lounge in the yard and enjoy life.

In the evening, I check my human's pockets because he has to give me medicine, and I notify him around nine. After this, I get my evening meal.

When J-P goes to sleep in the evening, I make sure he doesn't fidget for too long. I walk to the bedside and emit a meaningful meow. This way, the human understands to put the book away, and I get to enjoy his company. I express my gratitude by purring softly. This is how I fall asleep and later move to the foot of the bed for the rest of the night.

What greetings would you like to send to other cats living in SATO homes and their servants?

Let's start with the servants. Dear people, remember to take us cats for a walk on a leash, as the responsibility for our freedom lies with you. After our walks, perform proper tick and bird poop checks. Make sure that your cats' litter boxes are clean – we are not barbarians.

Noble citizens, distinguished cats. Remember to demand more love, scratches, and food!

Thank you, Your Highness King Paavo. Let's end this interview with these words. Thank you for your time. We could take a selfie or... Ah, okay. Not then. Thank you, Your Highness, nonetheless. You look splendid even from behind. A magnificent tail. Absolutely charming. Well then. The serving of pork hearts started in the kitchen, and His Royal Highness seeks his prey along the path. With these images and sentiments, Vermonniitty thanks, signs off, and bows.

Psst... Cats and other pets are welcome in SATO homes

When Jukka-Pekka was looking for a new rental home, it was important for him that Paavo would be welcome there too. In the previous home, Paavo didn't really enjoy himself, so that also posed its own challenges to finding an apartment. During the apartment showing, Jukka-Pekka noticed that there were suitable places for Paavo's climbing tree, litter box, and food bowls. Additionally, the apartment has enough lookout and hiding spots for Paavo. Worries disappeared when Paavo arrived for the first time at his second home, sniffed around, and approved it.

Top 3 considerations for accommodating a cat in decor:

  1. Climbing structures and scratching posts
  2. Lounging places
  3. Toys and other activators

What should I do if my pet rearranges the decor?

If a cat or another pet redecorates or even "remodels" the apartment according to their liking during the rental period, it is the owner's responsibility to inform SATO. In these situations, the responsibility table and customer charges list are followed.

Ask for additional information through OmaSATO if needed.

*SATO's Great Cat Survey was conducted in the fall of 2023 for SATO residents in Finland's largest cities. There were 1,323 respondents, of which 48% were cat households.