SATO focuses on safeguarding residents against the coronavirus

16 March 2020

We are making every effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We follow guidance from the authorities and exercise special care and caution in all of our activities. From 13 March 2020 on we have following changes effective of which we have informed our customers in our FAQ section as well as in OmaSATO and bulletin boards.

We will only make essential visits to SATO home. In case we visit resident’s home, we will inform the resident and exercise special care and caution during the home visits.

We will take extra care in cleaning, focusing especially on the hygiene of surfaces.

Our current guidance to residents is to avoid non-essential common areas. We close all shared saunas and washing rooms from 17 March on.

For the time being, visits to our rental housing service points are by appointment only.

We recommend remote work for our personnel, in those work assignments that it is possible. The meetings will be arranged by remote connections and tools. We avoid participating events with more than 50 persons and we do not arrange any events.

Travelling abroad is forbidden by the Government of Finland. When returning from any trip abroad our personnel will obey the advice of the Government and will stay home and work remotely before returning to the work place.
We serve our customers by digital channels or by phone. If our resident already lives in a SATO home, we warmly recommend using the OmaSATO service. To do this, visit Message sent via OmaSATO is the quickest way to receive a response from us.

Customer Service will also help our customers via the chat or by emailing Our Customer Service phone number is 020 334 443. Please note that our lines may be busy or unavailable at times.

For more information, please contact: Miia Eloranta, EVP, Marketing and Communications, p. +358 50 441 4221,