Customer service and renting


The service experience of our customers is our number one priority. Home is important to people and close to their hearts, and we want to serve them accordingly. We make an instant positive impact on our customer in every encounter. We aim to solve all situations with compassion and expertise.

Our objective is to improve our customers’ experience. In our service culture, we use concrete actions that increase interaction with customers, improve the quality of our customer encounters and ensure that we take care of customer matters with ease and diligence.

Our customer service specialists are in charge of solving our customers' problems all the way, even though some of the concrete actions will still be performed by our partners. OmaSATO is our most important service channel through which our customers can easily express their needs and we can redirect their issue to the correct specialist be it in SATO or with our partner.

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We'll find a home for our customer

Effective rental activities ensure that we can quickly find a new home for our customers. On our Find a Home webpage the customer can easily browse available homes, pick their favorites to the application and then relax and wait for an invite to an apartments showing. The signing of the lease is easily done online, but of course the customer can also visit our offices to sign the lease.

SATO's customers show the highest demand for one bedroom apartments, with studios and two bedroom apartments following close behind. In the current market environment we are focusing on actions to improve decreased occupancy.