Investments, property development, and construction

More homes in high-demand neighborhoods

The number and quality of apartments have a significant impact on the success of urbanisation and the vitality of cities and towns. We develop our range through investments, divestments and repairs.

Investment activities prepare the ground for growth. We acquire and construct entire multi-storied buildings and single apartments in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere, and Turku.

We will also invest in infrastructure, for example, through the acquisition of plots, plan development, investment in public utility services and soil remediation.

We divest the apartments that do not correspond with our strategy over the long term. The apartments to be sold are mainly selected on the basis of their location, size or condition.

Looking to the future

By means of planning development, we can create conditions for the housing construction of the future. Development projects are long-term processes that engage a large group of authorities, partners, people living in the area and other stakeholders. The aim is to prepare a shared vision of the construction of the area and work together to fulfill that vision.

SATO's strengths are its own land and plot reserves, and its extensive experience in property development, with which we can continue to increase the range of apartments available.

Complementary construction plays an important role in SATO’s property development. Producing new apartments in an existing urban structure benefits not only services in the area, but also the environment. As the number of residents in a neighbourhood grows, services and the use of public transport also grow. And if the infrastructure already exists, the emissions from construction are lower.

Comfortable homes and diverse neighborhoods

As cities and their populations grow, housing needs also become more varied. It is easiest to respond to new housing requests when designing new apartments and planning repairs. At the same time, we can improve the energy consumption of buildings.

SATO builds its SATO RentHomes or acquires new apartments from contractors. When we decide to build new buildings, we assess which apartments are suitable for rental activities and which will be sold off as owner-occupied homes or made to be SATO FlexHomes.

By steering the design of SATO RentHomes, we can utilise our decades of knowledge of the apartment types our customers want to live in, and of the maintenance of the value and usability of apartments over time.

In our home cities there is mainly demand for smaller apartments. The building materials we use are durable and easy to care for. Factors like glazed balconies, pleasant materials, colours matching the spirit of the building and functional apartments all improve the attractiveness of our homes.

SATO has been granted a Design from Finland mark to note the amount of Finnish design in our operations. An example of our design is KIDE collection of bathroom fixtures that is used in our newly built and renovated homes. The manufacturers of KIDE and our other fixture designs also have the reputable Finnish Key flag (Avainlippu) mark.

Maintenance and quality improvements by repairs

SATO renovates its rental apartments and properties according to lifecycle principles, to improve comfort of living and enable more sustainable choices to the residents.