Over eight decades of SATO homes

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2020s: Welcome SATO House Experts
  • SATO's new strategy is presented on fall 2021. The three focal points of the new strategy are customer experience, sustainability, and personnel.

  • SATO House Expert concept, piloted in 2019, is expanded. In 2021 SATO House Experts are a familiar face for over 20,000 SATO residents.

  • The very first SATO FlexHomes are ready to move in on June 2020. SATO FlexHome is a new short-term ownership concept that enables home ownership with a small initial capital outlay and a five-year part-ownership period.

  • In the spring of 2022 we sold our rental apartments in Hämeenlinna, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Oulu, Vihti and Ylöjärvi. The divestment implements the SATO strategy to focus housing investments on the Helsinki Metropolitan area and its commuter area along the main railway line as well as on Tampere and Turku and their surrounding municipalities.

2010s: Emphasis on customer service, digital services and design
  • SATO Customer Service centre opens to give centralised customer care 020 334 443.

  • Interest in interior decoration is on the rise and customers come to expect higher standards in space design and furnishings in the home. SATO responds to this trend by upping its investment in the space and materials design of renovations and new construction. SATO hires its first Design Manager.

  • Kotona customer magazine and SATO Annual Report win accolades – Kotona is awarded honourable mention at the International Customer Publishing Awards 2010 while the Annual Report takes first place not once but twice in the Finnish Association of Communications Professionals' Best Annual Reports Awards, in the non-listed company category.

  • SATO tenants gain access to top-speed fibre optic internet as well as broadband and TV services from Sonera (now known as Telia, currently 24,000 SATOhomes have the service (Feb/2021))

  • Major joint undertakings with other operators include: Perkkaa/Vermonniitty district in Espoo, Telakkaranta in Turku and Keimolanmäki in Vantaa.

  • The city of Vantaa gave us a special permission to construct the very first SATO StudioHome apartment building in Martinlaakso.

  • In 2016, SATO made record high investments of nearly EUR 600 million to increase its apartment stock. Most of the investments were related to 2 significant transactions, through which we purchased around 2,300 apartments.

  • In the spring 2017 we took the traditional building management services back as an in-house service by SATO after a ten-year break. The management tasks were split between the new service directors and service managers, and we are working with a Customer first mentality.

  • SATO HotelHome business, founded 2012, is sold to Forenom on February 2018.

  • OmaSATO, service for SATO residents, launches on autumn 2018.

2000s: SATO among leading housing investment companie
  • SATO launches rental home star rating system

  • Owing to negative development in the stock market, SATO cancels its listing on OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki

  • Annual investment in housing approximately €100 million

  • First investments made in St Petersburg

  • First SATO PlusHome building wins Finnish Association for Civil Engineers (RIL) Award

  • Largest individual housing acquisition in SATO history (1,766 homes) concluded with Suomi insurance company

  • Regional centralisation of operations to Helsinki region and the regions of Turku, Tampere, Oulu and Jyväskylä

  • Sato Corporation changes to SATO Corporation

1990s: Ownership and management of properties become new business areas
  • Majority shareholding is acquired in Vatro Oy and Salpa Oy

  • Growth into a housing investment company

  • Keskus-Sato is consigned to the history books; the company is renamed Sato Corporation

  • Exports discontinued

  • Group structure solidification started in the 1980s is completed

  • Parent company’s shareholder base broadens significantly through new share issues

  • In 1998, the Sato companies’ output reaches the 200,000-home mark

1980s: Sato group is formed
  • Major shareholders in Keskus-Sato Oy sell their holdings in the regional and local Sato companies to Keskus-Sato Oy

  • Number of local government shareholders in the Sato companies rises to around 60

  • Keskus-Sato Oy begins developing in what was then the Soviet Union through consortiums

1970s: Rise to position of largest housing developer
  • Sato also becomes major developer of commercial and public infrastructure properties

  • Number of Sato companies peaks at 28, with operations extending to just about every municipality in Finland

1960s: Decade of regional housing developments
  • Extensive land acquisitions in the Helsinki region

  • Preparations for launch of industrial construction and related one-third founder shareholding in construction company Polar

  • Regional development contracts signed and construction started in the Espoonlahti district of Espoo and the Hakunila district of Vantaa

  • Collaboration started with all banks and bank consortiums in respect of home savings accounts

  • First customer magazine Sato-Säästäjä launched. The current SATO customer magazine is entitled Kotona At home.

  • Sato opens the first-ever Finnish home-selling office that is not a realtor’s office

1950s: Ensuring continuity of operations
  • The incorporated central organisation Keskus-Sato is established with the aim of bringing together people in need of housing throughout the country and to promote the construction of homes all across Finland by pooling forces with them.

  • The duties of the association Keskus-Sato are transferred to the company Keskus-Sato

  • Decision taken to permit insurance companies, industrial and commercial corporations and local government interests in housing production to subscribe for shares in Keskus-Sato Oy

  • Foundation created for current shareholder structure: by the end of the decade, enterprises and local government hold 69% of the company

1940s: Era of vigorous reconstruction
  • First Sato companies established in Helsinki and Tampere

  • Shares held by companies in the building materials trade and industry, contractors, and certain insurance companies

  • Keskus-Sato association established with the aim of increasing the number of regional Sato companies and providing membership services

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