Materiality analysis

Sustainability programme built on materiality

Using materiality analysis, we ensure that sustainability work and reporting are focused on topics that are significant for our customers and other stakeholders

Key issues identified

In early 2022, we commissioned a stakeholder survey and interviews and an internal ESG workshop to identify SATO’s most material sustainability themes. In the identification, we took into account two perspectives: SATO’s most significant financial, social and environmental impacts and our stakeholders’ key expectations and concerns related to these impacts.

More than 500 people responded to our online stakeholder survey. The respondents consisted of our residents, personnel, partners and service providers, authorities, organisations and SATO’s owners. Representatives from cities, SATO’s Board of Directors and Finnish Property Owners RAKLI took part in the in-depth interviews.

Based on the materiality analysis, the most important areas are the well-being of employees and residents, financial responsibility and mitigation of climate change and adapting to it.

SATO’s Corporate Management Group confirmed the results of the materiality analysis and the sustainability vision’s objectives in spring 2022. The update of the materiality analysis will steer the priorities of our sustainability reporting over the next few years.

Materiality matrix