Materiality analysis

Sustainability programme built on materiality

Our sustainability is guided by SATO's strategy, sustainability policy and themes which we have evaluated to be material on the basis of discussions with our stakeholders.

Urbanisation increases the need for rental apartments in growth centres. Through our range of apartments, we want to be an enabler of urbanisation with a positive impact on the development of society and business life. We support the wellbeing of our customers by offering safe living. SATO homes have approximately 50,000 residents. Their good living is ensured not only by our personnel, but also by a significant number of partners.

Key issues identified

We engage in open dialogue with our stakeholders in order to identify the impacts of our operations, as well as the significance of those impacts. In autumn 2018, we updated SATO’s sustainability materiality analysis. We carried out an extensive stakeholder survey to identify material aspects related to our business operations for each stakeholder group. Representatives of various stakeholder groups raised issues that should be associated with sustainability in our operations.

Our survey of customers and personnel was carried out via an online form, and more than 800 people responded to it. In addition, other representatives of our main stakeholder groups were interviewed by an independent third party. SATO’s management evaluated the themes raised in the dialogue in terms of business impacts, and identified 4 main themes and 11 material aspects.

Materiality matrix

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