SATO StudioHome

SATO StudioHome is a new-generation housing format in response to changing housing demand in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The concept aims to provide an excellent customer experience and comfort as well as low housing costs.

Open the door and right away your home's the size of the entire building

As social creatures, we humans have a basic need to live in contact and interaction with other people. We need each other as it's through communication that we give meaning to our existence. Our contacts with others may, however, become fragmented due to rapid urbanisation and the pressures of everyday life, and our means of interaction may be reduced despite us living densely and close to each other. We're so busy. And it doesn't quite feel natural to start chatting with a neighbour who rushes past in the morning without saying hello to you.

Yet in many homes feelings of loneliness may be experienced. Someone may be thinking how nice it would be to just sit quietly with someone else and watch the news together. And then perhaps even exchange a few thoughts about what's going on in the world. In another home someone may be wondering how to put that picture up on the wall that's been lying on the floor for weeks. If only there was someone to help.

This is why at SATO we want to offer our residents more than just the walls of their home. The opportunuty to get to know your neighbours and perhaps even make friends. The chance to share your skills and knowledge with others and at the same time learn from others. To enable every resident to find their own way of interacting with other residents.

StudioHome is a communal and inclusive apartment building. A building where every resident knows the names of the other residents and where you don't have to worry whether or not it's ok to ask your neighbour to lend you a drill.

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When you rent a home from SATO, you will receive many benefits and services that will save you money, make your everyday life easier and provide you with fun for your leisure time.

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