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Did you know that in most SATOhomes the rent includes Telia's 50 M broadband connection, and you can order additional speeds at a discounted price?

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Since 2005, SATO and Telia have been providing services that make residents' everyday lives easier. High-speed internet access is an important criterion for many when looking for a new home, and therefore the rent of more than 22,000 SATO rental apartments includes a Telia housing company broadband with the basic speed of 50 M. Reliable internet connection makes it easy for our residents to, for example, work or study remotely and enjoy entertainment content.

Additional speeds for SATO residents at a discounted price

Telia housing company broadband is a great choice even for demanding needs, such as gaming, as SATO customers can order additional speeds and services for their broadband at a very affordable price. In some rental homes, speeds of up to 1,000 M are available.

With a faster connection, you can surf the web more smoothly, watch movies and series from streaming services, and download large files such as videos and pictures quickly. Remote work is also more carefree when you don't have to worry about stuttering video calls.

Save more as a loyal customer

When you already have a Telia mobile subscription or an additional speed subscription for your housing company broadband, you get great discounts on devices and other subscriptions, too. For example, if you already have a Telia mobile phone subscription, you can order a faster internet connection to your housing company broadband at a discounted price and save €60 per year. For example, "Yhteys kotiin L" subscription for a loyal customer for €4.90 €/month for 12 months (normally €9.90/month).

When you have a paid mobile phone or broadband subscription with Telia (i.e. additional speeds for a housing company broadband), you also get many other benefits: for example, 5G mobile phone subscription customers can subscribe to C More for 12 months for €0.

Find out more about Telia's customer benefits and terms of service at (in Finnish).

Order the new services or update your current subscription

As a new housing company broadband customer, you can activate your services at (in Finnish).

If you already have a housing company broadband connection, update your speed by logging into Minun Telia at (in Finnish).

You can also call Telia customer service on 0200 11611 (mcc/lnc) Mon–Fri 8 am to 6 pm, or visit the nearest Telia Kauppa store. You can find the nearest Telia Kauppa store at At the store, you can also purchase a WiFi router at an affordable price.

If you need any help with putting things together, give Helppi a call on 0600 10 100 (€2.25/min + lnc/mcc) or visit (in Finnish).

Read more about the numerous customer benefits at (in Finnish).

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