Kotkatie 6, Karakallio, Espoo

Great transport connections and sustainable solutions

SATO is developing non-subsidised rental homes in Kotkatie street in the Espoo district of Karakallio. The property will consist of 100 new rental homes on a lot owned by the housing company. On the same block, there are already two apartment buildings dating to 1965 and having a total of 121 SATO rental homes.

Geothermal heat and own solar power plant

In this project, SATO chose to go with geothermal heat, which makes use of energy stored in the ground. Geothermal heat reduces carbon dioxide emissions and also has an additional advantage in that it may be used for cooling as well. A solar power system producing renewable energy will also be implemented as part of the project. The building will be carbon neutral as regards operational emissions during its use, as renewable electricity will be used in addition to geothermal heat.

Sustainable choises

Sustainability is taken into account not only in heating but also in mobility. All parking spaces will be equipped with electric car charging facilities and the property will also have a shared car for residents to use The building’s carbon footprint is further reduced by the domestically manufactured wooden balconies that will face the courtyard in the new homes. The wooden balconies have a negative carbon footprint, which means that during their lifetime, they will absorb more carbon dioxide than they emit.

Brand new home, just for you

The brand new apartments in Kotkatie 6 are now available for rent on our Find a home page. Choose the one you like now!

The ease of moving around

Kotkatie street in Karakallio offers good transport links. The closest bus stop is only 300 m away, the nearest train stations around 2 km away in Kera and Kilo. Sello shopping centre in Leppävaara and Kehä I ring road are less than 10 minutes by car from Kotkatie, Turunväylä highway less than 5. Everyday services in Karakallio can be found at the local shopping centre only some 50 m from Kotkatie. The area offers excellent opportunities for enjoying the outdoors.


The apartments will be ready for moving into November 1st, 2023. The homes are now available for renting on the Find a Home page.


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