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The rental apartments in Kallio are located in a true urban environment with countless cozy cafes, cool clubs and green parks. Katja from Espoo spent a summer in Kallio and fell in love with the capital city.

Katja Mattila won SATO’s Dream Urban Summer Home competition in 2016 and got to spend the summer in a SATO RentHome in the Kallio district very close to the centre of Helsinki. Only a month later, she was already practically a born and bred Kallio local.

Katja’s favourite spots for the summer include the most legendary hangouts and sights in Kallio.

Events and granite castles

A prominent landmark standing tall at the end of Siltasaarenkatu street, the Kallio Church is number one on Katja’s list of favourite places. The grey granite building can be seen from a great distance and is a good landmark helping you to find your way around Kallio. Another fine example of the National Romantic Style is Paasitorni, a castle-like granite building located in the Siltasaari area.

Katja’s favourites also include Karhupuisto Park next to the Kallio Church, which gets quite lively in the summer. The old kiosk at the edge of the park serves as a summer café these days. In recent years several events have been organised in the park, including hugely popular urban festivals.

Running routes for many tastes

Action can also be found elsewhere. Seen in many movies, the two-kilometre Helsinginkatu street (or Hesari as the locals call it) passes through Kallio, separating it from the neighbouring Alppiharju district. The street is full of bars and interesting shops. The nearby Fleminginkatu street (or Flemari) also has plenty of shops and places to eat and drink. In Katja’s words: "There’s always people in the streets, even in the middle of the night. At times it felt as if I was actually somewhere abroad."

Katja also loves the shores of Töölönlahti Bay and the promenade around the bay, which is popular among joggers and walkers. You will also find several cafés and opportunities for keeping fit, especially in the summer.

Scents and flavours from all over the world

There are also lots of other things to experience in Kallio. Fully renovated and reopened in 2023, Hakaniemi Market Hall is the regular shopping destination of Helsinki’s foodies and a must-place to visit for every tourist. The Market Hall is your one-stop shop for fresh vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, fragrant spices and aromatic teas as well as woollen socks and souvenirs. Kallio is also a great destination for anyone into more exotic culinary delights, as there are numerous ethnic grocery stores by Hämeentie street in particular.

And if all this food for the eye makes you hungry, the Market Hall also boasts many restaurants and cafés reported as being excellent by Helsinki foodies. Treats can also be found outside the Market Hall at the Hakaniemi Market Square. Could a fresh doughnut and a cup of coffee taste better anywhere else than when bought at a stall and enjoyed in the fresh sea air?

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Who is the world’s most famous Kallio local?

President Tarja Halonen has lived in Kallio for almost her entire life – apart from the few years she obviously had to live in the President’s official residence. Named after Finland’s first female president, the leafy Tarja Halonen Park and the Thalia and Pegasus statue can be found close to the seafront edge of Kallio.

There are also many other parks in Kallio. The largest of them is Tokoinranta Park, which is one of Katja’s favourites, too. It is a popular spot for hanging out in summer evenings, and in Katja’s opinion this is where the spirit of Kallio is at its most obvious: "People are friendly and open, and you can even go and talk to strangers."

There are lots of different birds living on the sandy shores of the park, and you can spot the commuter and long-distance trains on Finland’s main railway line on the other side of the bay. Kids will have fun at the playparks by the bay.

For festivities big or small

There is also a floating restaurant Meripaviljonki on the bay, providing panoramic views across the bay at the Säästöpankinranta side of the seafront. Those who enjoy eating at bistros will also find their way to the seafront restaurant Piritta, which is now open around the year.
Also worth mentioning is the cosy and bohemian Juttutupa located in the Siltasaari area and one of Helsinki’s oldest restaurants. Adjacent to the space is restaurant Paasiravintola, rumoured to be the favourite place of a certain red-haired President to celebrate May Day.

Theatre delights in a fabulous environment

Finland’s largest professional theatre, Helsinki City Theatre, is located in the seafront setting of Tokoinranta. The modern building houses an airy and impressive space. The theatrical performances on the five different stages are also wonderfully professional, diverse and delightful. You can spot characters including the world’s most famous mermaid, Father Christmas or perhaps even a princess on stage here. Who, by the way, would probably not draw much attention if walking down Kallio streets. In these hoods, people are used to seeing pretty much anything.

Katja really enjoyed her summer in Kallio: “This summer should have lasted an entire year so that I could have done much more.” Luckily there is an easy solution to this, as there are SATO RentHomes in the area to meet many needs.

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