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Including Kontula, Mellunmäki, Vesala, Kivikko and Kurkimäki, Mellunkylä is a diverse residential district the size of a small town. Some of the best aspects of this growing district are its lovely parks, excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation, and rental homes that suit a variety of life situations.

Parks and rock formations for those into spending time outdoors

Mellunkylä is known for its plentiful green areas and the Vesala Aarrepuisto park has even been applauded as the best park in Helsinki. The special features of this lovely green oasis include the Mellunkylänpuro brook meandering through the area as well as the exceptionally diverse vegetation. There are more than a hundred different plant species in the park, with some of them rare.

Other ways to also enjoy fresh air and the diverse natural environment include climbing up the Naulakallio rock formation where it is a good idea to take a moment to soak in the fantastic view opening towards Vuosaari and Kontula. When visiting the Mustikkamäki rocks of Kontula, you can explore fortification structures dating back to World War I while also admiring the view.

Staying active around the year

There is plenty to keep those into keeping fit busy in Mellunkylä, as the area offers countless opportunities for exercising indoors and well as outdoors around the year. There are splendid routes for walks and runs all over the area, taking you past several popular outdoor exercise sites such as the one in Linnanpellonpuisto park.

Those into ball games will head for the Kontula or Vesala sports park to play tennis, basketball or football, while those who enjoy aquatic sports can have a splash in Kontula Swimming Hall.

If winter sports is your thing, you will love the cross-country skiing tracks from Mellunmäki towards Mustavuori as well as the artificial ice rink in Kontula sports park. In addition, it is only a few minutes on the metro to the Myllypuro Liikuntamylly offering a range of activities from climbing and martial arts to floorball.

The City of Helsinki also organises inexpensive regional exercise services to improve both residents’ wellbeing and the sense of community in the area. The activities available range from chairobics to badminton, so the threshold to taking part is low regardless of your current fitness level.

How about a brand new SATO home?

Would you like to be the first resident in your home? Are you dreaming about fresh surface materials and timeless style? Take a look at our new and upgraded rental homes.

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Metro station within walking distance

One of the best things about Mellunkylä is the smooth transport connections. The area has two metro stations — Mellunmäki and Kontula — as well as numerous bus services providing excellent access to public transport. It is easy to get to work or school all over the Helsinki region from Mellunkylä – even if you do not have a car. This means locations such as that of the Mellunkylä SATO homes are ideal for Metropolia Myllypuro Campus students, for example.

The area will benefit from even more extensive transport connections in the future if the Vantaa Light Rail planned to connect Mellunmäki and the airport will be constructed. Raide-Jokeri is already on the move in the area.

Timber-structured homes in Lupajantie

June 2022 will see the completion of six timber-structured apartment buildings with deck access in a peaceful residential area of mostly detached houses at Lupajantie 2. The property will have a total of 112 SATO rental homes ranging in size from efficient studios to functional family homes. Each home will be equipped with a ground-level terrace or a glassed-in balcony where you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the building grounds.

Ecological aspects of housing have been taken into account in the design of the buildings in many ways. Timber is a construction material that will stand the test of time and also sequesters carbon from the environment. The heat source of the buildings is geothermal heat, which makes use of thermal energy stored in the ground and helps to cut carbon dioxide emissions. The Lupajantie 2 property will also have solar panels.

To stay up to date on what is happening in the area, see the Facebook page of the local residents’ group »

In Mellunkylä you will live close to nature – without compromising on access to services, leisure opportunities and great transport connections. Take a look at the homes available in the area and fill in your application.

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