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Everyone will find the right rental home in Tuusula. This lively municipality generates wellbeing by investing in culture and fostering people’s connection with nature: it seeks to provide residents of all ages with a safe and stimulating living environment. Tuusula is a good place to live and grow up.

Keeping up with the times for almost 400 years

Tuusula boasts a rich industrial, military and cultural heritage that is strongly visible in present-day Tuusula, too. The population of this ever-young municipality founded in 1643 has been increasing steadily throughout the 2000s and is currently around 40,000. Today’s Tuusula has three urban centres that are quite different from each other as well as rural villages with a distinctive character. This is where you will find nature, culture, leisure opportunities and services close to home whatever your life situation may be.

Diverse food for the soul

Every year, Tuusula sees a large number of concerts, lectures and other cultural events that have become an established feature of life in this municipality. In addition to these, culture-hungry residents can visit the numerous local museums and artist’s homes around the year. Also seeped in history is the traditional military garrison area that now also features brand new rental homes.

Not able to visit the place to see for yourself right now? Not to worry, you can also take a virtual tour of Tuusula.

Brand new rental homes in Tuusula

New rental apartments have been completed in Tuusula, in the traditional landscape of Hyrylä. Check out the homes now!

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Opportunities for almost any leisure activity

Tuusula is a dream location for leisure activities and invests particularly in cultural and physical education of young people. You get to try out a variety of ways of spending leisure time doing physical exercise or arts in the many groups, clubs and events available.

You will find the Monio Upper Secondary School and Cultural Centre in Tuusula’s administrative centre, Hyrylä. This is where you can do visual arts and enjoy concerts and plays. Hyrylä also has a swimming pool and, in fact, Tuusula is a jackpot of a place for the sporty type: it is difficult to think of a sport you cannot do in this municipality. The listing of Tuusula associations (in Finnish) helps you to find just the right club or other organisation to join.

Nature trails, water bodies and transport connections

The nature sites and other outdoor recreation areas of the Tuusula region are where you can release your inner wilderness explorer or just go for a nice walk. Check out the local routes and trails or learn about the local forests on the Tuusula website (in Finnish).
Need a spot for your boat? No problem – just contact the local marina (in Finnish).

Tuusula also boasts easy transport access, as the municipality is part of the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL). You can get there by train, bus or plane (Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is only 15 minutes from Hyrylä, the centre of Tuusula). There is a busy railway station in Jokela, with train connections to the Hämeenlinna and Helsinki directions, and the journey from Kerava and Järvenpää stations to Tuusula only takes around ten minutes. Tuusulanväylä road provides smooth access by car to the centre of Helsinki as well as to the Ring Roads.

And there is also loads more to see and do in Tuusula. Visit the Tuusula website to learn about the municipality.

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