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Vuosaari (or Vuokki as the locals call it) is the largest district of Helsinki. Located by the sea, Vuosaari is a much-loved home to 40,000 residents that provides things to do for every taste. So, let’s take a closer look at Vuosaari. To quote the locals: “The further east you go, the cooler it gets!”

Seaside vibes and amazing villas

Vuosaari (originally called Norsö) was still an island as recently as the 1500s. Nor means a long and narrow strait of flowing water, which is what used to separate Vuosaari from the mainland. The area was a fishing spot and did not get its first permanent residents until the Middle Ages.

The first villas were built in Vuosaari in the early 1900s when a steamboat service to the area was launched. You can learn about the living history of the period of summer residence in the area at the remaining villas, such as Villa Andania, Villa Vuosanta in the Uutela area or Villa Ivan Falin. Don’t forget to check out Cultural Centre Sofia, which also serves as a hotel and conference facility these days.

Vuosaari became more densely populated in the 1960s when the construction of the apartment building areas of Central Vuosaari and Rastila started. Today, the main residential areas of Vuosaari are Central Vuosaari, Kallahti, Meri-Rastila, Rastila and Aurinkolahti.

Completed in 1996, Columbus Shopping Centre is located by the entrance to the metro station, which was opened a couple of years after the shopping centre. The shopping centre features a full range of everyday shops as well as restaurants and services. The metro ride from Vuosaari to the centre of Helsinki only takes around 20 minutes.

From herp trail to food by the fire

Vuosaari is a dream district for nature lovers and those into Scouting. Not only does the area (of course) have its own Scouting group – Rastipartio – there is a lot to see, do and experience in the local natural environment. Areas left in their natural state provide plenty of room to roam even for the most active of hikers, as there are nature trails criss-crossing the nature reserves. There is excellent online guidance material available for some of these.

Take a look at areas such as the Uutela outdoor recreation area or the Ramsinniemi and Mustavuori nature reserves. For those interested in Finland’s native aquatic and semi-aquatic animals, the Särkkäniemi area features a reptile and amphibian (herptile or herp) trail.
Once you have seen the frogs, those into climbing can hike up to the top of Vuosaari. The peak provides a splendid view over the sea and over Vuosaari in the Vantaa direction. And when it is time for something to eat, you will find public barbecue spots and fantastic scenery in areas such as Nuottaniemi, Niemenapaja and Meri-Rastila.

Park life

Vuosaari boasts a diversity and multitude of green spaces. Kids, grownups as well as canine companions will find a lot to do in the local parks, which are freely accessible by all. You can play ball games or use the outdoor gym at Heteniitty sports field, take your dog to the Uutela dog park or take your kids skateboarding in one of the three skateparks of Vuosaari or Rastila.

Is disc golf your thing? Vuosaari features a popular disc golf course. If you are more into traditional golf, you can book a tee time at Finland’s biggest winter practice facility at Planmeca Arena or at Vuosaari Links.

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Enjoying the sea in the summer as well as winter

If you own a boat, Vuosaari features several marinas, whereas those enjoying the sun can go paddleboarding on Aurinkolahti Bay or sunbathing on Kallahti Beach. Vuosaari Paddling Centre is the number one destination for all those into paddling. Or how about a cruise through the archipelago? In the summer, you can take a ferry from Vuosaari on the Eastern Archipelago Route to Kalasatama.

In the winter, the frozen sea off Kallvikinniemi is a great spot for Nordic skating in a guided group. Of course, Vuosaari also has its own ice hall if skating is your thing in the summer season, too.

Splendid scenery in (Meri-)Rastila

Meri-Rastilan tie is a road that passes through the district with the same name. Located right by the sea, close to the Ramsinniemi cape is Hotel Rantapuisto, which was originally built for use as a training centre of a bank. Today, this 1960s gem is a fully renovated cultural centre and hotel where you can enjoy meals, celebrate special events or perhaps have meetings in the fabulous seaside scenery. The low-rise building has large windows typical of the period, providing you with magnificent views of the changing weather conditions of the seafront location. The sauna by the sea is available throughout the year, and you can cool off by having a dip in Kallahti Bay.

And to access the main part of Rastila, you only have to cross Itäväylä road. If caravanning is your thing, Rastila Camping is your destination for a pitch.

Your own rental home in Vuosaari

Vuosaari is all this but also so much more! Walking is the best way to explore local nature and attractions. And what nicer than to do that with your own rental home as your base. Check out the lovely SATO homes in Meri-Rastilan tie or Harustie in Rastila, in Venemestarintie on the old Vuosaari side as well as in Pohjavedenkatu, Iiluodontie and Leikosaarentie on the new Vuosaari side and in Kauniinilmankuja and Aurinkotuulenkatu in Aurinkolahti.

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