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Tikkurila has everything you need for everyday life and and special occasions: great daily services, culture and sports venues and, of course, cozy rental apartments. What you can't find in Tikkurila, you can quickly get to via Finland's second busiest train station.

The Eastern Vantaa district of Tikkurila is located close to the border of Helsinki, by the Ring Rail Line. This is the administrative centre of Vantaa where you will find government and commercial services as well as a home for everyone from singles to families with kids and youth to senior citizens.

See our four tips to learn about Tikkurila.

1. Café in a culture factory

One of Tikkurila's most interesting cafés is Kahvi Charlotta in Culture Factory Vernissa, a pleasant spot along the river for spending time and enjoying freshly roasted local coffee, quality teas and hearty salad lunch.

Kahvi Charlotta, Tikkurilantie 36

2. Efficient exercise

The swimming pool, gym, ten-pin bowling, pool, floorball and many other sports – the Tikkurila Sport Park has everything you need for keeping fit and free-time fun. The centre has facilities for everyone regardless of the sport, age or fitness level.

Tikkurila Sport Park, Läntinen Valkoisenlähteentie 52-54

3. Songs and games

Jamming to the tunes of kids’ songs and playing games, Tikkurila Library is not for whispers but for having fun at a variety of events. The main library of Vantaa, Tikkurila Library is located next to the station and therefore easily accessible by locals as well as those arriving from further away. The library also has the best music selection in Vantaa.

Tikkurila Library, Lummetie 4

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4. Journey into the past

Located next door to Tikkurila’s Dixi Shopping Centre in an old railway station building designed by Carl Albert Edelfelt and completed in 1862, Vantaa City Museum held its first exhibition in 1990. The historical atmosphere can be enjoyed by everyone as there is free entry to the museum.

Vantaa City Museum, Hertaksentie 1

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