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Brand new rental homes by the metro

Finnoo is a new, more ecological district being developed between Länsiväylä motorway and the seafront in Espoo, with the centre of Finnoo being built on top of the metro station. And what’s more, this green and leafy residential area is only 22 minutes from the centre of Helsinki, there is a full range of services within walking distance, and you are very close to the sea. Let’s take a closer look at Finnoo!

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Finnoo or Suomenoja?

Finnoo and Suomenoja are two names for the same district. Espoo’s earliest Finnish-speaking farmers lived in the area that today is known as Finnoo already in the early 1000s, whereas Swedish-speakers began to settle in the area in the Middle Ages. The name in Swedish, Finno, comes from the word Finnevik (the bay of the Finns). Both of the Finnish names are based on this Swedish name. The City of Espoo has adopted the policy of calling the area Finnoo, which is also what the metro station is called.

Sustainable and ecological urban construction

Finnoo is planned to feature homes for 17,000 and workplaces for around 1,800 people. Construction began in spring 2020, and the first residents moved into their homes in autumn 2021.

The goal is for Finnoo to lead the way in sustainable urban construction where construction, building materials and mobility are steered towards sustainability and low emissions. The plans for the district include Finland’s first geothermal local heating network. Finnoo will have district heating and district cooling systems aiming to circulate energy in a closed loop.

Everything within walking distance

Diverse public and private services as well as smooth public transport connections have been planned for Finnoo. Sites for two comprehensive schools and several daycare centres have been reserved in the local detailed plans. Most of the commercial services will be found near the metro station and marina and harbour services in the seafront area. The local shopping centre will be constructed in the centre of Finnoo next door to the metro station. Also located close to the metro station and due for completion in 2024, the new SATO home buildings at Peijinkuja 6 and 10 will feature a total of 257 rental homes.

Once completed, Finno will boast all services within walking distance. And even during the construction period, the new residents will have access to services of areas such as Matinkylä, Espoonlahti and Merituulentie, including their shopping centres (Liila and Iso Omena), all within around a kilometre from the metro. Also located very close to Finnoo is a full range of services and stores such as Plantagen, Bauhaus, Motonet, Lidl and Finnoo Kierrätyskeskus for gardening, home improvement, recycling and much more.

Looking to spot a Horned Grebe or a Northern Shoveler?

No problem, you are highly likely to find them at the Finnoviken wetland site consisting of a water basin and a surrounding swamp. This flood meadow area was created when an embankment was built in the 1960s to separate the water basin from the sea. The Finnoviken wetland is bordered by forest, and two streams flow through the site. The nutrient-rich soil and the natural environment provide a favourable habitat for plants, various insects and birds – and a brilliant spot to see these wonders of nature. The site is protected.

The Finnoviken birdwatching towers and the nature trail around the water basin ( are lovely destinations for the entire family to explore. You may be able to spot several endangered bird species and other rare animals such as the Siberian flying squirrel, the moor frog or the whiskered bat in the wetland area. Rare insects favouring the site include the Myrmica gallienii ant, Amara littorea beetle and Phyllotreta exclamationis beetle. The names of the species alone will provide you will something to talk about for quite some while!

From everyday life to special occasions

An essential component of the seafront residential area of Finnoonsatama will be the marina that is likely to become the shared living room of Espoo locals from near and far thanks to its services, leisure activities, square and cafes. The scheduled archipelago boats picking up passengers from Finnoonsatama harbour will take you to the city’s outdoor recreation islands. You can have a swim at the nearby Nuottalahti beach, only less than a kilometre from the current Suomenoja Marina.

If you follow the shore in the opposite direction, you will end up at Villa Rulludd, where you will find a Villa Museum with free admission, a cafe and premises you can hire for special occasions. In the summer, Cafe Gabriela serves sweet and savoury treats at the Suomenoja Marina.

Available rental apartments | Finnoo

A brand new home in the Finnoo residential area

Check out the brand new SATO apartments under construction in Finnooo. Peijinkuja 6 and 10 will be completed before autumn 2024.

New home in Peijinkuja


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